Fuse Republic

Born out of the realization that the salon industry has a problem.

We love that our industry is made up of people who feel and dream big and truly want to help people feel their best, inside and out. What many salon professionals lack is not a passion for their work and customers, but the resources and training to make their business successful. That’s where we come in. Our founders, Ashley and Tim, are salon professionals who noticed the issues and were willing to have the hard conversations that were necessary and make the commitment to eradicate the lack of profitability in our industry. Our methods aren’t for everyone, but for people willing to make the commitment, the difference can be everything.

a curriculum of educational courses

Let us help you take back your business.

Fuse Republic also offers a curriculum of educational courses designed to help salon professionals define their goals, recruit more guests, increase their profitability, gain valuable sales skills, train employees, and more! Our goal is to help you break free from the pattern of mediocrity that so many of us feel stuck in. We will help you take back your business so you can get back to doing what you love and giving your guests the best possible experience all while increasing your sales by up to 25%!


Ashley Toliver-Williams


Timothy Humphries

Our Story.

In 2011, Ashley Toliver-Williams, started a 4-chair salon in Houston, Texas. As a business owner, Ashley had first-hand experience of the struggles that salons went through trying to bring in revenue. That amplified significantly in 2017. After Hurricane Harvey hit, the salon struggled bringing in new clients which made it difficult for her to stay open. By partnering with Timothy Humphries, the salon was revolutionized from the inside out. Together, they developed an operating system which improved profitability, pre-bookings, and how each stylist approached service and sales.

Fuse Republic was formed to help do the same for other small business salons. They believe sales is the most important service in any industry and that true potential for success is found within the individual. Fuse also believes in helping independent salons breakaway from larger conglomerates and achieve their full potential as a salon both in revenue and as a brand. That’s why they developed a multi-step plan for achieving financial success for independent salons, now available to anyone through Fuse Republic’s online courses.

“The way they connect with people and are able to get messages across is amazing! They are both real, raw, and honest! As a salon owner and a stylist I’ve been impacted deeply and my team has begun to blossom from just having one class! We can’t wait for more!”

Tiffany Ward