Elite Sales Training

Courses designed to empower salon professionals.

The key to success in our industry is truly understanding the business we are in. Our courses are focused on providing you with the skills needed to prepare you for growing your business at a massive level, from new guest acquisition to guest retention to selling products to increase profitability. We believe in simple, lean practices and cutting out the fluff and complexity of most other education systems currently available in our industry.

Course 1:

Create Balance in Work & Life

This 6-module introductory course will give you 3 basic principles we have developed through our years of experience in the service industry to get you where you want to go. You know what you want, but what if you had a roadmap of steps telling you how to actually get there? This course will help you analyze exactly what it is you’re striving for and give you practical tips to set yourself up to finally achieve the success you’ve been craving.

Course 2:

3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Guest Count and Income – The Fuse 5-3-1

The Fuse 5-3-1 is Fuse Republic’s Signature Simple System for growing your business behind the chair, no matter how new or experienced you are. If you want new clients, different clients, want to specialize, want massive income… whatever it is you want, our system will give you a clear path to creating it for yourself. Learn how to recruit guests in five different ways, easily sell retail and why it’s important, and Increase your average ticket immediately. There has never been an easier, cleaner, faster way to build business. Give us 30 days, and we guarantee a 25% increase in your business.

Course 3:

The Art of the Close - Coming Soon

Sales and Closing are two different things. Our industry struggles with sales, but more importantly, we struggle with making the hard work we put into educating, selling, convincing, persuading, etc. matter. In The Art of The Close, you will learn the foundation to what makes a Great Closer, and the simple things you need to immediately become one. What would it feel like to have everyone listen to what you wanted them to do and take those recommendations you’ve been making? The purpose of this course is to empower hairstylists and salon owners to take their success into their own hands and learn to never stop until they get what they want. Remember, sales is the greatest service, but there is no sale without a great close.

“Amazing company that cares about stylists and their business!!! Top notch delivery of education…. my salon drove 10 hours for education with Fuse Republic.”

Christa Stephens